J. (Jaap) Wijnja

Jaap Wijnja (1963) was born and raised in Groningen in the north of the country, where he also studied Dutch civil law. Jaap graduated in 1987 with majors in private law and labour law. In 1989, after completing his military service, ending his time there as an officer, he completed a major in criminal law.

Jaap was admitted to the bar in April 1990. He practiced law with great pleasure for many years with a firm in the local town of Sliedrecht before joining Bowmer & Nuiten. Jaap is based in our Dordrecht office.

Jaap now only practices civil law. He specialises in the areas of labour law, corporate law and neighbour disputes. He advises and litigates both for companies and private individuals. Jaap regularly also represents and advises foreign employers in employment law cases. Jaap has succesfully completed a postdoc specialisation course in Employment law.

From 1999 to 2009 Jaap was secretary to the local Bar Association of Dordrecht. He also sat on the Committee of Representatives of the Bar Association for two years.

Jaap has been a substitute judge with the court of Den Bosch since 2008 and he also sits on the complaints board of a local mental health institution.

Jaap is socially active with the Rotary Club Dordrecht where he was secretary from 2009 until 2014 and he is now chairman. In 2015 Jaap was appointed secretary of DOV, the largest representative of entrepreneurs interests in the Dordrecht area.

In his spare time, Jaap loves to cook. Holidays with his family are nearly always on the water as he is an enthousiastic sailor.

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